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“The genius behind the name” – Respected Industry Expert

I have proven myself as the expert in my field of food publishing for over 24 years with the cookbooks I have created and exposure I have received worldwide. With, in excess, of 1 million books that I have written being sold I have generated  10-30 million in sales for authors and my high-end clients.
My food publishing business has gifted me the opportunity to live and work here in Australia, the UK, the Middle East and Malaysia and receive prestigious awards from my peers.
I am highly respected in the industry for my passion, knowledge and attention to detail.

While my career started in the world of food & lifestyle magazines (BBC Good Food UK, Food & Travel UK, Jamie Oliver, Elle Cuisine, Australian Table, Gourmet Traveller, Donna Hay, Recipes +) my true passion and the past decade have been focused on cookbooks; with all published works focused on holistic living, food health and wellbeing. I have produced work for all of Australia’s leading health and wellness food personalities and advocates; Dr Libby, Dr Sue Shepherd, Pete Evans, Sarah Wilson, Julie Goodwin, Karl Stefanovic to name a few.

My most recent published works:

  • Whole Food Thermo Cooked published by Murdoch Books
    sold 2000 copies in its first 2 weeks of being on-sale and has had the rights sold to two different countries (Germany and Czech Republic).
  • Love to Cook – Healthy Meals
    I self-published in 2015 and was asked to attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2016 live event to showcase the cookbook and attend a publicity event held at Wholefoods, Lexington Square.
  • Keeping it Off and Food for Life published by Pan MacMillan
    are the two cookbooks that I have developed and written the recipes for in the past year. Both authored by Michelle Bridges (Australia’s biggest grossing health and wellness expert).

TESTIMONIAL – Michelle Bridges

“Working with Tracey on my 2 books Food for Life and Keeping it Off was an amazing experience. Not only did Tracey completely understand where I was coming from regarding nutrition,  portion sizes and taste, she brought to the table an incredible depth of knowledge and creativity, which gave such a fresh, fun, new approach to the recipes. She’s a POWERHOUSE!”

Industry peers describe me as “the genius behind the name” since the majority of my work is conducted in a ghost writing capacity; such as Luke Hines and Scott Gooding’s Clean Living – Eat Clean all Year cookbook and Clean Living – Fast Food cookbook, both published by Hachette.

TESTIMONIAL – Scott Gooding

“I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work alongside Tracey on not just 1 book but 6 for my Clean Living Series. Tracey’s passion for produce, food, and the cooking process is unmatched. In an often fast-paced industry Tracey brings an air of peace, calm and humility to any shoot-day. I’m a huge fan of Tracey the chef and Tracey the kind, warm human.”

I came out from behind the kale and out of my Spiritual Closet. For years I hid myself behind the names of authors with the work I created while also personally hiding my face on social media with a lovely bunch of kale. And while living a regular everyday life, being an entrepreneur in a field that I truly loved and am very passionate about. I knew there was something deeper down inside that needed to be ‘done’. Teachings I had within that I need to get out into the world through my own authentic voice. So I stepped out of my comfort zone.

In January 2016, a simple application to an on-line Soulpreneur course changed my path forever. I had no understanding what spirituality meant but knew I had to be a part of that course.

A rapid ascension took place. I went from sitting in my very first women’s circle at the age of 39 to present day where I connect daily with Lady Gaia, the elementals and my spiritual team; I astro travel and have recurring past-life wisdom presented. Tim Whild, Yvette Luciano, Michael Maidens and Shunanda Tsaccounis have mentored me throughout this expansive time.

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