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December Seasonal Guide

Well, well – here we are already in December! IT’S BERRY SEASON!!! Let the festivities begin and may you devour every delicious ray of Summer sunshine-kissed plant foods with loved ones. Tracey x


Plant Based transition – Ego v Heart-led

THE LAST of the last loaf of store-bought bread…it’s almost done!
When we knew last week that the best way for us to support our families health was to expand into a whole food plant based way of eating my first instinct was to do it one way (Ego-led), but then I sat with the enormity of it all and decided to do it a second way instead (Heart-led).
Ego-led – Tornado Style
Go cold turkey (pardon the pun) and literally sweep through the entire house and throw out all the food that doesn’t support us.
Problems for us as a family with this is:
– $$$$ and more $$$$ – that’s A LOT of money straight in the bin!
– stress – for me sure, I could easily switch from one day to the next with a whole new way of eating but certainly not our 6 & 4 year old! This will be a process.
Heart-led – Slow and Sustainable
Take our time for minimal disruption with sustainable changes easily kept while honouring where each of us are at and how it will effect us individually.
As a family how we are doing this:
– as we come to the end of eating the ‘favourite foods’ in the house it’s offering me the chance to have the conversation with the kids about why Mumma won’t be buying that bread, milk, tomato sauce etc anymore and then allows the conversation into the reasons behind why and ALL the exciting ways that we will make our own versions of it with their help in the kitchen too.
– we are individual and have different needs and attachments to different foods…our 4 year old is our white carb girl and MASSIVE bread and pasta lover; our boy is a quick eating, all-the-time snacker who loves crackers and biscuits; hubby has a MASSIVE sweet tooth and me, well, I just love all food!
This is a process and it needs to be done, and the best way of making a big shift that is going to be sustained is to do it slowly as we ALL have time to adapt along the way.
Have to say after all the initial shock and what felt like the enormity of this for us I’m now sitting in a place of excitement around what we will be able to do and the impact it will have for us – I also think that with it being the first day of summer and all helps a lot too!

{recipe} Soul Soup

THIS is food that your Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents would recognise…this soups name speaks for itself. Enjoy!