1st April 2018

{recipe} Goddess Loaf

Just so happened that the download for this recipe came through a few hours before the full (blue) moon peaked here yesterday which meant that the dough sat under her moonlight while proving. Just perfect!

This loaf is a delicious and totally nourishing way to celebrate the Goddess. Especially Ostara and Mary Magdalene at this time of year (Ishtar/Eostre/Easter).

Raspberries and chocolate are two flavours, I feel, that represent the Goddess perfectly. The juicy raspberries are ruby red and have a tart sweetness and the chocolate is dark and bitter with a creamy richness - the perfect marriage of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy.

I just know you will enjoy! x



Serves 8

2 cups (500 ml ) warm water

2 teaspoons dried yeast

1 teaspoon caster sugar

1 tablespoon rose water

500 g plain flour

1 teaspoon pink sea salt flakes

125 g punnet fresh raspberries

100 g chocolate of choice, broken in small pieces


1 egg

4 drops doTERRA rose oil

2 teaspoons caster sugar


1 Whisk together warm water, yeast and caster sugar in a large bowl until well combined. Stand in a warm place for 10 minutes or until yeast activates and mixture becomes frothy.

2 Stir in rose water, flour and sea salt until only just combined, you don't want to over mix it. Cover with a large sheet of non-stick baking paper and then a large tea towel. Leave overnight to meditate and prove - it will triple in size.

3 Preheat oven to 210C/190C fan-forced. Line a large baking tray with non-stick baking paper.

4 Gently fold raspberries and chocolate through risen dough. Again don't over mix, you don't want to 'knock out' all the lovely air bubbles from proving overnight.

5 Gently turn the dough out onto the prepared tray, gently press out to a 20 cm round. Stand in a warm spot for 20 minutes to prove a second time.

6 Separate the egg, placing the yolk in a small cup and the white in another small cup. Add 1 teaspoon of the eggwhite to the yolk (keep remaining eggwhite to make an egg scramble the next day). Add the rose oil to egg mixture and mix to combine, then brush liberally all over surface of loaf. Sprinkle evenly with caster sugar.

7 Bake for 45 minutes or until loaf sounds hallow when tapped and top had a dark golden crust. Rest for 10 minutes (if you can wait) and then slice thickly.


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