28th November 2016

My “Healthy Meal” Philosophy

A "healthy meal" is more than just cooking and cooking is more than just preparing food and applying heat. It is about providing nourishment for yourself and those around you so that you can sustain the energy needed to get through the busyness of day-to-day living, support your body so that you can ward off illness and more important provide a loving act of self-care as a reward for what you achieve through the day.


Here are some of my go-to tips to get you started on a holistic journey with "Healthy Eating" and please note, do one or do them all - it's completely up to you!


Be truly thankful for the food you are able to purchase and are able to eat.

Practice gratitude towards the farmers, the earth, the environment and those who have produced, reared or grown the food available to you.

Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables when in season. In-season produce tastes better, is more nutritionally sound and cheaper to purchase.

Eat the rainbow! Select a rainbow of colour when purchasing and cooking your fruits and vegetables, choose something from each category of green, purple/blue, red, yellow/orange, and brown/white. By doing this, you are getting varied nutrients and also making your dishes more appealing to the eye.

Try to purchase locally grown produce and ethically raised poultry and meats from your nearest farmers market.

If your budget can support it purchase organic or bio-dynamic produce, poultry and meats. If you can only afford a very small amount a great place to start is with organic eggs, then small amounts of poultry and meats. You can also extend your poultry and meat meals out by adding dried pulses and beans – you then get the best of both worlds!

Always purchase sustainable seafood to ensure what goes on your plate has had minimal impact on fish populations, marine wildlife and ecosystems.

Get those you love beside you and involved in the cooking process, this is especially wonderful if you have children (and let go of the fact there maybe more mess than usual). The more love involved the better a meal will taste.

Always sit down to eat at a table. Sitting down gets you grounded and helps you to relax.

Look up and switch off. Turn off the TV, the radio or any mobile devices and engage with those around you at the dinner table. If eating alone, relish the stillness, enjoy the peace and silence of the day that has past.

Take a mouthful of food then put your cutlery down and chew slowly. Enjoy every single mouthful as this is the first stimulating phase in getting your digestion working well.


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