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All content, recipes and photography is copyright of Tracey Pattison, Tracey Meharg Food Co Pty Ltd and shall not be copied, replicated, or duplicated. Please be mindful, respectful and refrain from using it as your own published works. If you would like to share content, recipe or image you can do so only by contacting Tracey directly at welcome@traceypattison.com for written approval first.


All content is a collection of Tracey Pattison’s own personal recipes, ideas and opinions. As a Food Publishing Entrepreneur and Intuitive Food, Health & Well-being Mentor I create recipes, talk about food and will share my own personal health journey. I understand that everybody is different and that you need to make decisions, take action and do what is best for you – be bio-individual and do what makes you feel good. I encourage you to see a medical professional and/or seek medical advice before starting any new dietary or lifestyle changes.